Quick stir of the economic pots

You may want to take a look at this blog post at The Economist:  “Can Europe hold it together?”

Was Darwin right, and can Darwin’s theories of evolution inform economic theory so economists can make the right choices to get our economy working well again, faster?  Interesting article at New Population Bomb.

A very strange business model and, perhaps, wonderfully strange new world is described at Marginal Revolution, “Google and the Power of Positive Feedback.”

The crabby writers at American Enterprise Institute’s blog argue that Steven Jobs is no Thomas Edison — a nasty little slap at Jobs, who retired for health reasons a few weeks ago.  AEI isn’t Miss Manners, either — and is often just wrong on the facts. Is that the case here?

Do you wonder whether you should join the protests against Wall Street?  The Economist blog explains that there may be networking value in such protests, for the protesters.

Which of those most interests you?


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