Cartoon of the moment: Bizarro on Wal-Mart

A cynical view of economics in America from Dan Piraro:

Bizarro, on Wal-Mart, 2006
Bizarro cartoon from 2006

Do you agree with this view?


6 thoughts on “Cartoon of the moment: Bizarro on Wal-Mart

  1. when people get like tired their job about it and not higher enought,they always work harder in every singal days and i know prices are higher llike their not free so they have to paying what they got for.I’m sure people in job always doing their fine alright.

  2. Thats not the thing they do only do they put smaller stores out of business they bankrupt their vendors regularly. Saving money on inferior quality products that quickly need to be replaced is not economical.As they import 10% of the nation’s total imports from China they put people out of jobs. Ironic that these are the people that need to buy their stuff.LOW PRICES??yea right

  3. i find this ironic how he once had his own store but thanks to walmart he now has to work there and shops from there. poor poor man!

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