President Obama’s fourth State of the Union Address, January 25, 2012

In case you missed the broadcast, the good folks at the PBS NewsHour recorded it for you, and for history:

How did you make out with your State of the Union Bingo card?  Generally, the longer these things go, the more likely you’ll fill in the whole thing.

What did you think about the speech?



Homework assigned 11/29 – Eurozone crisis

Based on the readings we did in class, answer these questions:

  1. For background, how many euros to the dollar?  (Where are you going to find this information?)
  2. What should a prudent U.S. investor, with a stock portfolio of $100,000, do to prevent losing money in the event of the collapse of one or more European national economies?
  3. Should we worry?  Why or why not?  (For this answer, please give a minimum of three good paragraphs, formal writing style.)

What were the readings?  Great question!